Case Results


$3,000,000 (San Diego): An 87-year-old resident was killed after being physically attacked by an intruder who entered the nursing home through an unsecured door.


$1,500,000 (San Bernardino): A 77-year-old man with worsening dementia was placed in a Victorville assisted living facility after his family found him wandering away from apartment on several occasions. Other than his dementia, his health was excellent and he only needed memory care to keep him safe. Within a week of being at the facility, he walked unnoticed out the front door at night, and two miles away from the facility was hit by a car and killed while crossing a road. Even hours after his death the facility was unaware that he had left.

$1,450,000 (San Diego): A 30 year-old resident at an intermediate care facility was admitted for rehabilitation following a cardiac procedure. The resident developed a stage IV bedsore that became infected and resulted in his death. The bedsore resulted from the facility leaving the resident in a wheelchair all day. The resident left behind a wife and several children.

$1,100,000 (San Bernardino): Robert, age 60, entered a nursing home for long-term care after becoming paralyzed by a stroke. He had limited use of his dominant side, and was dependent on staff of all of his daily activities. Early one morning in June, staff heard a loud thumping coming from Robert's room and entered to find him being beaten severely with a detached toilet seat by another resident. Robert's head was bleeding profusely, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital and diagnosed with a severe brain injury. Investigation revealed that the resident who beating Robert had a known history of violence that was known to the facility upon his admission.

$1,000,000 (Orange County): An elderly resident was allowed to wander out of a residential care facility and was later found on the street with injuries that contributed to her death. The residential care facility knew that the door the resident walked out of had a non-functioning alarm that need to be repaired, but failed to repair it despite the risk.

$1,000,000 (San Diego): A nursing home resident was found with hundreds of maggots in an open wound on his lower leg. The maggots had eaten away at the resident’s tissue exposing bones on his feet and legs. The resident had to undergo a leg amputation as a result of this neglect.

$1,000,000 (Los Angeles County): An 87-year-old assisted living resident was found lying outside of her bed, dead, with her head lodged between the bed rail and mattress. She died of asphyxiation.

$975,000 (San Diego): A 20 year-old resident of an intermediate care facility was allowed to develop pressure ulcers on the back of his head, legs, and buttocks. The resident was left in his wheelchair all day long and as the bedsores progressed the facility failed to send him out for acute care.

$950,000 (San Diego): An elderly resident of an assisted living facility suffered a fall inside the facility. Despite showing signs and symptoms of a brain injury, the facility simply placed her back on a couch and left her there. The resident later died from the injuries.

$935,000 (Orange County): A nursing home resident was denied breathing treatments at a nursing home leading to his death. The nursing home failed to administer oxygen or monitor the resident’s oxygen levels. The resident was also allowed to develop several bedsores on his body as a result of the nursing home not rotating/turning him.

$810,000 (San Bernardino): A nursing home resident was not provided sufficient food and water leading to malnourishment and dehydration that contributed to her death. The facility failed to take the proper time to feed and hydrate the resident leading to a deterioration in her overall condition.

$750,000 (San Diego): An elderly hospice patient was allowed to develop stage IV bedsores on his back, buttocks, and legs. As the wounds deteriorated hospice staff hid the wounds from the family. The hospice staff had a history of leaving residents in soiled diapers leading to these sores, but were left employed by the hospice company.

$750,000 (San Diego): A nursing home resident suffered stage IV bedsores on both of his heels. The resident was left in bed all day and not turned, leading to bone-exposing bedsores on his heels. As a result, the resident became wheelchair bound and did not walk again.

$750,000 (Riverside County): Failure to Obtain Medical Care

$725,000 (San Bernardino): A resident of a group home suffered a sexual abuse by an employee of the group home. The group home violated orders that the resident should not be left alone with male caregivers and allowed the girl to be the victim of sexual abuse.

$600,000 (Los Angeles): Stage IV Bed Sore

$550,000 (San Diego): An assisted living facility resident suffered a stage IV bedsore which was concealed by facility staff. The wound worsened and eventually became infected leading to the resident’s death.

$525,000 (Los Angeles): A nursing home resident developed stage IV bedsores on his buttock and lower legs. The facility also failed to correctly insert an IV, leading to IV infiltration which contributed to the resident’s death.

$515,000 (San Diego): A nursing home delayed in sending a resident out for a wound infection, leading to an amputation of his lower leg. Despite orders to have the resident transferred to the hospital, the nursing home delayed leading to an infection and the eventual amputation.

$510,000 (San Diego): A nursing home resident developed a stage IV bedsore that resulted in her death. The wound deteriorated as a result of the facility not rotating/turning the patient.

$500,000 (Ventura County): Multiple Falls.

$475,000 (San Diego): A resident was dropped from a Hoyer lift leading to serious fractures. The staff failed to properly operate the Hoyer lift leading to the resident suffering the drop and resulting injuries.

$450,000 (Inyo): A nursing home resident developed a stage IV bedsore on her buttock and a hip fracture from a fall at the facility, all of which led to her death. The facility failed to take proper fall prevention measures and supervise the resident leading to her fall.

$430,000 (San Diego): A nursing home resident was denied showers for several months leading to harms to his dignity. Despite requests to be showered, the facility would not take the time to provide basic hygienic care.

$400,000 (San Diego): A nursing home resident was given the wrong medication leading to her death. After administration of the wrong medication, the facility failed to immediately transfer the resident for emergent care.

$400,000 (San Diego): An assisted living facility failed to monitor a resident’s bowel movements leading to her becoming so impacted she died prematurely. The assisted living facility failed to pay attention to the fact the resident had gone several days without a bowel movement.

$325,000 (Orange County): An nursing home resident suffered nearly identical falls during a one-week stay. The first fall required a brief hospitalization, but there were no serious injuries. Once returned to the facility, not fall precautions were taken and the resident fell again. In the second fall, he struck his head and suffered a serious brain injury and died.

$325,000 (Orange County): A resident of an assisted living facility suffered injuries when he was allowed access to stairwell and fell down. The stairwell did not have a functioning alarm which allowed the resident to enter into without staff being notified.

$320,000 (Costa Mesa): A nursing home failed to administer breathing treatments to a resident leading to his death. The resident was oxygen dependent and relying on staff for breathing treatments. These breathing treatments were not provided, leading to staff finding the resident dead.

$267,500 (San Luis Obispo): Our client was admitted to a nursing home to rehabilitate after surgery for an ankle fracture. Caregivers failed to monitor the skin under his cast, which brokedown, causing deep pressure wounds that were difficult to heal.

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