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Orange County nursing home residents should always expect to receive the proper medications based on their healthcare needs and the correct dosages, and they should not have to worry that a healthcare provider’s error will result in a harmful interaction or another adverse event. However, medication errors are extremely common in general, and they are a particularly serious problem in older adult populations. Given that many nursing home residents also have cognitive impairments, it can be difficult for those residents to realize when a medication mistake is possible or when a healthcare provider does not realize that a harmful drug interaction could occur. If a medication error happened in an Orange County nursing home and your elderly loved one was injured, it is important to learn more about filing a claim. You may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the nursing home or another negligent party. An experienced Orange County medication errors lawyer can speak with you today.

Learning More About Medication Errors in Orange County Nursing Homes

Medication mistakes can happen in any healthcare setting as a result of negligence. Errors can happen when a prescriber does not accurately or fully learn about a patient’s health history and medication record, when patient records contain errors, and even when a pharmacist misreads a prescription and fills the wrong drug. The following are common examples of medication mistakes that happen in nursing homes in Orange County:

  • Healthcare provider prescribes the wrong drug altogether;
  • Healthcare provider prescribes the wrong dosage of the correct drug;
  • Health care provider prescribes a medication that has known interactions with another medication the patient is already taking;
  • Nursing home nurse or other staff member inappropriately administers the prescribed medication;
  • Staff member at the nursing home incorrectly sends a prescription to the pharmacist;
  • Pharmacist fills the wrong medication; and/or
  • Pharmacist fills the wrong dosage of the correct medication.
Medication Errors in Older Adult Population in Orange County

Older adults can be particularly susceptible to harm caused by medication errors. In nursing homes, where patients contend with a wide range of health issues, including cognitive impairment, the impact of medication mistakes can be particularly pronounced.

According to a study in the Review of Clinical Pharmacology, “adverse events related to medication are the most frequent safety incidents among older people,” primarily due to age, multiple health issues, and pharmacy issues. When a medication error occurs and causes an injury, it is critical to seek legal help.

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In nursing homes and elsewhere, medication mistakes can be debilitating and deadly. Much too often, older adults sustain severe injuries as a result of medication errors made by various types of healthcare providers. When a medication error causes harm in a nursing home, it is critical to take steps to hold the facility accountable. One of the experienced Orange County medication error attorneys at our firm can speak with you today about determining liability and filing a claim after a nursing home medication mistake. Contact the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group today to discuss your options.

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