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Stage 4 bedsores are extremely serious wounds that most often result from nursing home neglect, and often the subject of lawsuits brought by Southern California Nursing Home Law Group. They are also known as pressure sores/wounds and decubitus ulcers If you have an elderly loved one who developed a severe pressure ulcer injury, it is time to speak with a Riverside stage 4 bedsore lawyer about filing a claim.

Symptoms of Riverside Nursing Home Bed Sore Injuries

Bed sores can have many different symptoms depending upon their severity, including but not limited to the following:

  • Changes in the color or texture of the skin;
  • Swelling in an area of the skin, particularly a bony area like the hips, tail bone, heels, or backs of the arms or legs;
  • Skin that feels warm or cold to the touch;
  • Areas of the skin that are particularly tender; and
  • Appearance of pus draining from an area.

Any of these symptoms should be cause for medical attention. If bed sores are caught early, they can often be treated and can heal relatively quickly. When bed sores are in very serious stages, such as a stage 4 bedsore, the symptoms are significantly more pronounced. According to WebMD, the following are common symptoms of a stage 4 bedsore:

  • Visible sore that is large and deep;
  • Skin that has turned black;
  • Skin shows obvious signs of infection, which may include red edges, pus, drainage, heat, and even an odor; and/or
  • Appearance of the tendons, muscles, or even bone within the sore.
Preventing Bed Sores in Riverside, CA

Prevention is key in avoiding stage 4 bedsore injuries. Skilled nursing facilities in Riverside and throughout Southern California have a duty to ensure that patients receive proper care, including assistance with movement for patients confined to beds or wheelchairs, as well as care in keeping skin clean, dry, and protected when minor pressure ulcers do develop. In addition to caring for the skin properly, the Mayo Clinic recommends the following preventive tips:

  • Ensure that a patient’s weight is shifted frequently, typically about once per hour;
  • Providing wheelchairs that can allow patients to tilt in order to relieve pressure in areas where bed sores may develop;
  • Using cushions or mattresses that are specifically designed to relieve pressure;
  • Avoiding doughnut cushions, which the Mayo Clinic explains might seem like good ideas for preventing bedsores but in fact “can focus pressure on surrounding tissue” and may actually cause bedsores unnecessarily; and
  • Elevating a bed to about 30 degrees or less.
Seek Advice From Our Riverside Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

Bedsores must be taken extremely seriously, regardless of the staging of the wound. Stage 4 bedsores are the most serious of all and can result in debilitating and even fatal infections. If you file a nursing home neglect lawsuit, you can seek the necessary compensation to pay for your elderly loved one’s medical bills and to provide compensation for the immense pain and suffering they have experienced as a result of the debilitating pressure ulcer. A Riverside nursing home abuse lawyer can help you.

Contact the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group to find out more about filing a bed sore lawsuit against a negligent nursing home or assisted-living facility in Southern California.

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