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Residents of assisted-living facilities and nursing homes in Santa Barbara County should never have to worry that they will suffer harm because of hospice fraud. However, hospice fraud occurs more often than you might think in Southern California, and it is important to know the warning signs. A Santa Barbara hospice fraud lawyer at our firm is here to help.

Learning About Santa Barbara County Hospice Fraud

It can be disorienting to receive a call from an assisted-living facility where your elderly loved one resides to inform you that an extended hospital stay or move to a nursing home may be necessary for your loved one. The facility might tell you that your loved one has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition or has suffered a severe injury such as a fall that resulted in a broken hip. Focusing on the high cost of care in the hospital and the possibility that your loved one will lose their place at the facility; the facility representative might suggest hospice care at the facility.

The facility will say that hospice care—instead of the hospital—will allow the resident to stay at the assisted-living facility without risking losing their spot, and they will not incur the costs associated with a hospital stay. Further, the facility might inform you, Medi-Cal or Medicare will cover the cost of hospice care, so it will not cost anything.

If your loved one needs treatment, hospice care is not the answer. When a scenario like the one described above occurs, it is possible that the facility is attempting to engage in hospice fraud.

Hospice Fraud Warning Signs in Santa Barbara County

What types of warning signs should you be aware of that could signal hospice fraud? If the assisted-living facility where your loved one resides has recommended hospice care instead of a nursing home or hospital but any of the following are true, it is critical to seek advice from an experienced hospice fraud lawyer who can help you:

  • Resident has a medical condition or illness for which a treatment is possible;
  • According to a health care provider, the resident is expected to live for at least six months; and/or
  • Resident’s condition is worsening even though the resident should be improving with medical care.

The Hospice Foundation of America emphasizes that hospice is only appropriate for individuals who have an "anticipated life expectancy of six months or less," and for whom a cure is not possible. If there is any possibility of treating an illness or condition your elderly loved one has and the facility where they live has suggested hospice care, you should be concerned about the possibility of hospice fraud.

Seek Advice from Our Santa Barbara County Hospice Fraud Attorneys

Your elderly loved ones should receive quality care in assisted-living facilities throughout Santa Barbara County. Whenever you have concerns that a facility is attempting to engage in hospice fraud, thereby putting your parent or other loved one at risk of grave harm, you should seek advice from a Santa Barbara County hospice fraud attorney who can help with your case. Contact the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group for more information about the services we provide.

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