Glendale Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyers

Narrowing down your choices for the right care facility can be a challenge with hundreds of for-profit nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Los Angeles county. No one wants to put a family member in a facility where they will be mistreated. However, even if you choose the top-ranked nursing home in Glendale, there is no guarantee that something will not happen later. If the facility allows your loved one to a victim of neglect or abuse, then you need to speak with an experienced Glendale nursing home abuse and neglect attorney.

The lawyers at the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group specialize in helping clients when they suspect a family member is suffering at the hands of a nursing home’s staff. We have represented hundreds of clients from every county in Southern California and have a reputation as some of the best nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers in the region. We have a deep understanding of how nursing homes and assisted living facilities work and the applicable California laws that apply to the care of residents. We also know how the facilities are defended.

This gives us the upper hand when pursuing nursing home abuse claims. With over two decades of experience, we have seen almost every imaginable scenario. If you need assistance with a nursing home in Glendale, please contact us right away. We are happy to talk to you and give you an honest appraisal of your case.

Common Types of Abuse

We have found that some types of abuse and neglect are far more common during our years of practice than others. Some of these broad areas include:

  • Bed Sores: Skin wounds like bedsores indicate that a patient is not being moved regularly, their feet are not being elevated, etc. Bedsores go by a variety of different names, but the result is the same. These wounds can be challenging to heal and are extremely painful for the patient. In the worst cases, the pressure ulcers can lead to infection, surgery, and sometimes death.
  • Falls: All patients should be assessed for risk of falling. High-risk patients should not be ambulating on their own without assistance, and other precautions must be taken. In many cases, dangerous falls happen because no staff members are around to check on the patient when they need to go to the bathroom, get up and get dressed, etc. Falls can be deadly for older people, which is why it is so important that the nursing home completes an assessment.
  • Physical Abuse: While neglect is more common with nursing home cases, physical abuse is definitely also a problem in some facilities. Sometimes the abuse is not happening due to the nursing home staff, but it is another patient who is committing the abuse.
  • Failure to Transfer to Hospital Timely: Many patients at a nursing home already have pre-existing health conditions. Even those residents who do not have any could suffer an emergency. Nursing home staff members need to be ready to assist and transfer patients who need emergency medical care. When they do not contact a medical professional and get the patient transferred right away, the patient could suffer additional problems or even die. A majority of our cases are wrongful death cases.
  • Sexual Abuse: While unthinkable, sexual abuse does happen in nursing home facilities. Like other types of physical abuse, sometimes sexual abuse may be committed by another resident or someone who is visiting family at the facility.
  • Dehydration/Malnutrition: Residents must be fed and hydrated to keep their health up. A patient’s food and beverage intake should be carefully laid out in their plan of care. Many patients are on medication, which may need to be taken with food and/or beverages. Being dehydrated and malnourished can lead to multiple health problems.

Both abuse and neglect are concerning problems in Glendale nursing homes. In all of our cases, the injuries or deaths were preventable.

Importance of Retaining a Glendale Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Nursing home abuse and neglect cases are complicated. You should not attempt to handle pursuing a claim of injury or death against the nursing home on your own. To maximize your family’s potential compensation, work with an attorney who understands what is necessary to prevail in a case of mistreatment in a nursing facility. We have the resources and the experience to litigate the case to the end. Our top priority is to make sure you get the personal justice and compensation your family deserves.

If you suspect your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse in Glendale, let us review your case and let you know our recommended course of action. Contact the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group today to schedule an initial consultation.

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