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Nursing Home Fall Injury LawyerNursing homes house thousands of Los Angeles County seniors and those who are in need of assistance, often due to the accumulation of medical problems over time, which render them frail and unable to take care of themselves. This frailty and immobility may already put members of this population at a high risk of a fall injury, which is why nursing homes should already be aware of the risk and well equipped to handle these situations. Many seniors are also prone to injuries that are life threatening, or injuries that do not heal completely or quickly. A slip and fall could result in a serious bone fracture (often to hips and arms) or head injury that could reduce their quality of life or impair their ability to live independently, these are the kinds of cases that Los Angeles fall injury lawyers typically see.

Accordingly, it is crucial that Los Angeles nursing homes take extra care and precaution to ensure that trip and fall injuries are prevented as often as possible for the vulnerable seniors in their care. A fall-risk assessment should be completed upon admission and a plan must be followed by the aids and nursing assistants in the home. Los Angeles nursing home fall injury lawyers see cases where these assessments are either missing from medical documents, or disregarded after they are initially filled out, which often leads to a preventable fall.

Los Angeles nursing homes and assisted living facilities are required to provide sufficient supervision, and in some cases, assistive devices to help prevent slip and fall accidents in the home. Nursing homes and their administration also need to evaluate individual residents and create unique care plans that align with their needs. Some patients need more care and assistance with mobility compared to other residents, and it is important that homes take this into account. There are plenty of reasons why an elderly person may sustain an injury from a slip and fall in a nursing home, but here are a few examples of conditions that could be dangerous:

  • Poorly trained staff members
  • Lack of or insufficient railings
  • Fall-risk protocol not being followed
  • Wet floors
  • Walkways that are not clear
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Residents not being monitored due to short staffing
  • Slippery bathroom floors
  • Tripping hazards in rooms or hallways (lifted carpet, warped floors, etc.)

Many cases that come across Los Angeles nursing home injury lawyers’ desks fall cases that cause serious injury or death, which is just one indication of how far reaching this issue is. According to the CDC, there are over 1.3 million elderly adults in the US living in nursing homes, with anywhere between 50-75% of these adults suffering from a nursing home fall every year. This rate is almost double the fall rate that occurs for elders living outside of nursing homes. Roughly 35% of elderly fall injuries happen to residents in homes that cannot walk, meaning the nursing home is well aware of their immobility, and likely should already have a fall-risk plan for that resident. Anywhere from 16-27% of nursing home falls occur due to environmental hazards, like those listed above, which is why it is so important that homes are taking note of these hazards and having them fixed before they cause any issues. Approximately 1,800 elderly patients die each year as a result of nursing home falls in the US. These statistics highlight just how important it is that nursing home and assisted living falls are prevented at all costs.

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