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There are 50 nursing homes and elderly living facilities servicing Chino and the surrounding area, according to A Place For Mom. Not all of these facilities provide the same level of care, and it is hard to come to terms that your elderly parent or other loved one has been living in a place that condones abuse and neglect. However, if you notice any signs of abuse or neglect, it is up to you to get to the bottom of it. This potentially means confronting management, moving your loved one out of the facility to another place, and hiring an experienced Chino nursing home abuse and neglect attorney to investigate wrongdoing.

Does Your Loved One Have Any of These Signs of Abuse and Neglect?

You cannot count on your elderly loved one to speak up if they are being abused or neglected. They may not fully understand what is going on, they may have a cloudy memory of what happened to them, or they may not understand their rights. Furthermore, elder abuse victims have a strong and understandable fear of the abusers, and often fear retaliation if they report abuse. Some of the signs of abuse to keep a lookout for include the following, according to the National Institute on Aging:

  • Physical Signs of Abuse and Neglect
    • Bruising on the face, body, hands, or arms
    • Broken bones
    • Multiple falls
    • Other injuries that remain unexplained, or for which the story seems fabricated or altering
    • Bedsores
    • Sudden and unexplained weight loss or weight gain
    • Sudden and unexplained physical health
    • Lacerations
    • Injuries to both sides of their body
    • Black eyes
    • Injuries to genitals or reproductive organs
    • Bruising on the inner thighs
    • Broken nails or defensive wounds on the hands
    • Disheveled appearance, and
    • Deteriorating personal hygiene.
  • Emotional or Psychological Signs of Abuse
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Fear
    • Decreased cognitive state
    • Worsening dementia or confusion
    • Loss of will to live
    • Loss of sociability
    • Sudden change in personality
    • Sullen, quiet demeanor
    • Unwillingness to talk or be around loved ones
    • Noticeable fear around staff members, or particular staff members
    • Rocking back and forth
    • Agitation
    • Trouble sleeping, and
    • Acting violently themselves.
Three Types of Abuse

Nursing home residents require a lot of care. Some staff members simply do not have the patience for the job, while others are simply criminals in a nurse’s uniform. An alarming number of nursing home workers admit to engaging in physical violence and emotional torture against those whom they are duty-bound to protect. Whether the abuse or neglect is an isolated event or a pattern of wrongdoing, the impact can be detrimental, and the facility must be held financially responsible for any damages they cause. This is why consulting with a elder neglect lawyer in the Chino area is important.

  • Physical Abuse - Hitting, pushing, holding down, punching, kicking, or any other unnecessary type of physical force.
  • Sexual Abuse - Sexual acts, touching, groping, photography, or language.
  • Emotional Abuse - Taunts, yelling, belittling, demeaning, or other forms of psychological punishment. Emotional/psychological abuse is the most pervasive type of abuse in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and independent living; and
Nursing Home Neglect can be Just as Bad as Physical or Sexual Abuse

A lot of serious harm can be done simply by neglecting a patient’s needs. Elder neglect ranges from not being around to prevent a fall injury, allowing a bedsore to develop, not giving a patient the right medication, and not changing bedding frequently enough, to constantly ignoring a patient’s pleas to use the bathroom, failing to assist with personal hygiene, and not providing proper nutrition.

Neglect can not only reduce the lifespan of neglected patients, but it also makes the time they do have left a living nightmare. In addition to their physical illnesses and injuries, nursing home patients are often dealing with depression, anxiety, confusion, and severe loneliness due to being isolated from their friends and family.

A Chino Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney can Help

Here at the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group, we specialize in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, and have the experience and resources to pursue substantial compensation and a sense of justice for you and your loved one. Call the compassionate Chino-area nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers at the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group today at (866) 607-1325 to schedule a free consultation.

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