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According to a guide put together by Rancho Cucamonga Senior Center, the town is home to one assisted living facility, four residential care facilities, and two skilled nursing facilities. While facilities such as these provide a variety of amenities for elders such as prepared meals and housekeeping, elders in an assisted living situation are also more vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Even the facilities with the best reputation can make mistakes or hire the wrong person. If you suspect a loved one is being mistreated in their long-term care facility, you need to speak with an experienced attorney.

At the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group, our elder abuse lawyers specialize in helping victims and their family members hold nursing homes and residential care facilities accountable for any acts of malicious abuse or careless neglect that have led to injuries.

Is It Time to File a Personal Injury Claim or a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Before even filing a lawsuit, we need to make sure your loved one is in a safe environment and that there is enough evidence to prove abuse or neglect. If the abusive act was criminal, such as physically assaulting the senior, criminal charges may be brought against the individual or nursing home at the same time that a personal injury civil lawsuit is filed. By filing a lawsuit you can seek compensation for costs such as:

  • Medical expenses such as surgery or physical therapy to recover from injuries;
  • Therapy to emotionally move past the abuse or neglect;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • The cost of moving to a new long-term care facility; and
  • Loss of consortium and funeral costs if the victim died as a result from mistreatment.
What is Nursing Home Abuse?

Elder Abuse occurs when a person willfully inflicts physical pain or mental anguish on a senior who is 65 years or older. While everyone ages differently, seniors are a vulnerable population because they lack mobility and are cognitively in decline. Often the abuser is somebody who is supposed to be caring for the elderly resident, which makes the crime that much more despicable. Examples of abuse in nursing care facilities include:

  • Sexual abuse, including forcing the victim to partake in sexual acts or watch sexual acts;
  • Yelling at the patient or calling them names;
  • Withholding basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, and sheets; and
  • Kicking, slapping, punching, shoving, hitting;
  • Unnecessary use of restraints or force to hold a patient down;
  • Isolating a resident to deprive them of social contact or as a form of punishment;
  • Teasing or belittling a resident;
  • More.
What is Neglect in the Nursing Home or Assisted Living Setting?

Nursing home neglect occurs when caretakers fail to uphold their duty of care to residents by:

  • Failing to prevent falls;
  • Failing to provide adequate hygiene, hydration, or nutritional needs;
  • Giving the wrong medication to residents, not giving the proper medication to residents, over medicating, or under medicating residents;
  • Leaving a resident in dirty or soiled clothes;
  • Not relieving pressure points for residents who are bedridden or wheelchair bound; and
  • More.
Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect
  • Falling injuries, such as fractured arm, fractured wrist, fractured hand, traumatic brain injury, fractured hip, torn ACL, lower leg and foot injuries, and facial injuries;
  • Malnourishment;
  • Dehydration;
  • Bed sores;
  • Unsanitary living conditions in the resident’s room;
  • Disheveled appearance;
  • Torn, stained, or worn out clothing or bedding;
  • Lost or damaged eye glasses or hearing aids;
  • Damaged or worn out walker, cane, shoes, or other mobility devices;
  • Hair loss;
  • Weight loss;
  • Cuts or wounds that refuse to heal;
  • Old bandages;
  • Bad smell, potentially from not being properly bathed, or infrequent adult diaper changes;
  • Complaints of being cold;
  • Constantly getting sick with the flu or common cold; and
  • More.
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According to the American Society for Aging, there may be more than five million cases of elder abuse across the country. By comparison, it is estimated that there are only 1.25 million cases of child abuse. It is hard at times to see our parents or elderly relatives as vulnerable. They raised us and likely enforced the house rules too. However, as people age, they require more assistance and often that means moving into a nursing home, which puts them at risk for mistreatment. If you believe your loved one is being abused or neglected, it is time to talk with a Rancho Cucamonga attorney specializing in cases of nursing home abuse. The Southern California Nursing Home Law Group can help you determine what your next steps should be. Contact us at (866) 607-1325 to schedule a free consultation.

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