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The County of San Bernardino is home to 52 nursing homes and over 200 assisted living facilities for the elderly. The senior homes provide care to thousands of San Bernardino residents every year, but too often the residents of these homes are subject to substandard care, neglect, and abuse causing serious injury and death.

The San Bernardino nursing home neglect lawyers at the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group have represented hundreds of Southern California families, including many in San Bernardino in cases of neglect and abuse in the custodial care setting. If you believe that a loved one may have been neglected or abused, or suffered an illness or injury that was unexpected, call us today for a free consultation.

Who are We?

We are a handful of lawyers who have been litigating cases of nursing home negligence against skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities for a very long time. Our San Bernardino elder abuse lawyers have brought legal actions against facilities in every Southern California county and have obtained settlements and awards totaling more than $20 million. With over 20 years of experience, our firm has a deep understanding of California’s elder abuse laws, and the respect of the nursing home industry.

What Does a Typical Elder Neglect Case Look Like?

When most people think about elder abuse or neglect, they imagine a senior citizen being subject to physical abuse or some other intentional effort to cause harm. In truth, those cases are rare (though they do happen unfortunately). Most of the cases our San Bernardino nursing home negligence lawyers see are cases involving caregivers who are careless and fail to follow carefully crafted plans of care. Or nursing facilities that are understaffed or staffed with caregivers who have not been properly trained. As you know, just one screw up can lead to disastrous outcomes for a senior who is already compromised.

What kind of disastrous outcomes? In at least 85% of our cases the nursing home or assisted living resident has died as a result of the neglect or abuse. And while these cases almost always involve different factual scenarios, they do often arise from a similar set of circumstances.

Bed sores (aka decubitus ulcers): We have handled over 100 cases involving bed sores and pressure ulcers. These sores can be life-threatening and should never develop while under professional care. Small sores rarely can justify a lawsuit for neglect, but sores that reach the level of Stage IV, the most serious bedsores, rarely develop absent neglect. A Stage IV bedsore can expose bone and cartilage, and lead to very serious infection and sepsis.

Falls Causing Injury: Next to bed sores, falls that cause injury represent a large number of cases at the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group. Not every fall can be prevented, but for every nursing home resident that is at a higher than normal risk for falling must be protected with proper interventions. Residents must be evaluated for their propensity to fall and a plan must be put in place to prevent any falls. As you know, just one fall can lead to serious and life-threatening injuries, including fractures and head injuries.

Failure to obtain appropriate medical care: You would be surprised how many times our clients called 911 from inside the nursing home where their loved one lived. It is astonishing how often an elderly resident of a nursing home or assisted living facility has a serious decline in health that the staff and caregivers ignore or downplay. When there is a significant change in the health of a resident, caregivers must recognize the change, and obtain appropriate care.

San Bernardino County Elder Neglect & Abuse Legal Resources

Orange County Adult Protective Services. 800-451-5155 (24-hour hotline)

Ombudsman. To reach the San Bernardino County Ombudsman Office, call (800) 231-4024.

Adult Protective Services. For emergent concerns about wellbeing of an elderly person residing in San Bernardino County (877) 565-2020.

California Department of Public Health. To make a complaint against a skill nursing facility, or to confirm the license, contact the San Bernardino office of the California Department of Public Health. The local office of CDPH can be reached at (800) 344-2896.

California Department of Social Services. For complaints against an assisted living facility, or to check license status, call (951) 782-4207.

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