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When you have an elderly loved one who requires care in an assisted living facility or a similar place in San Bernardino, you should be able to expect that your loved one will receive the level of care that their current health and medical conditions require. Yet much too frequently, seniors in various types of facilities do not receive the care they need, resulting in injuries and illness of all kinds. Southern California Nursing Home Law Group has sued board and care homes throughout Southern California, and the most common cases arise from:

  • Falls that cause fractures and other injuries, including head injuries
  • Bed sores that go unnoticed and untreated
  • Memory-impaired residents who wander away from the facility
  • Residents who become critically malnourished or dehydrated
  • Physical abuse by a caregiver or fellow resident

If a facility fails to provide the type of care that a resident requires, it may be liable for any resulting injuries. An experienced San Bernardino board and care home neglect lawyer can provide you with more information about filing a negligence claim.

What is a Board and Care Home in San Bernardino, California?

Generally speaking, a board and care home in Southern California is a particular type of residential care facility for the elderly (RCFE). These facilities must be licensed, and they need to meet certain certification requirements set by the California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing.

There are different types of RCFEs, and what they have in common is that they must be licensed, and they must provide certain types of care. Notably, RCFEs are not facilities where a senior can receive medical care. For in-facility medical care, a senior must reside in a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. As far as RCFEs go, the specific type of facility known as a board and care home is typically a facility that has a relatively small number of beds and provides assistance for a limited number of residents. Facilities described as assisted living facilities tend to be larger. However, you may hear the terms used interchangeably.

What Services is a San Bernardino Board and Care Home Required to Provide?

If board and care homes, and other types of RCFEs, are not required to provide medical care, it is important to understand what types of care they do provide. The following are some of the requirements of RCFEs in California, which means that these requirements will apply to board and care homes in San Bernardino:

  • Ensure that sufficient staff are employed to provide residents with the care they require based on their individual health needs and to provide residents with any required supervision; and
  • Provide residents with certain facilities, including either private or semi-private bathrooms and areas for dining and activities.

Depending on specific circumstances, the board and care home also may be required to have a licensed nurse on call, as the California Department of Social Services explains. When board and care homes fail to provide these requirements, they can be liable. In addition, board and care homes can be responsible for injuries caused by a range of other acts or omissions at the facility. Board and care homes can be liable for physical and psychological abuse, confinement or willful deprivation, and passive neglect.

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