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Nobody in a nursing home or assisted-living facility in Southern California should ever have to experience severe pain and suffering or serious risk of infection from a preventable bedsore, let alone a life-threatening Stage 4 bedsore. Yet much too frequently, lack of proper care at nursing homes in San Bernardino and elsewhere in the state result in elderly residents developing bedsores that go untreated for weeks or longer. Often, by the time a severe bedsore (aka decubitus ulcer) is identified, it may have led to a deadly infection (not to mention severe pain). If you have a loved one in a San Bernardino nursing home or other skilled nursing facility who was diagnosed with a severe bedsore, it is critical to seek advice from one of our San Bernardino Stage 4 bedsore attorneys as soon as possible.

San Bernardino Stage 4 Bedsore Risk Factors

There are a number of risk factors that can mean a person is more likely to develop bedsores in a San Bernardino area nursing home or assisted-living facility. While skilled nursing facilities should always be providing timely care through which bedsores can be immediately identified and treated, the reality is that many nursing homes are understaffed, and neglect results in bedsores worsening and leading to severe infections. Johns Hopkins Medicine identifies the following as risk factors for bedsores:

  • Condition of being bedridden
  • Being wheelchair-bound
  • Being unconscious
  • Being unable to feel pain in particular areas, such as situations involving paralysis; and
  • Limited mobility in any scenario resulting in a person sitting or lying in one place for an extended period of time.

It is important to recognize signs of bedsores and to seek medical attention quickly to prevent these wounds from worsening. Stage 4 bedsores, often found on the coccyx or heels, can result in death due to severe infection, and at the very least they may require surgical intervention. Here at Southern California Nursing Home Law Group we have seen many bed sores that expose the bone.

Stage 4 Bedsore Recovery in San Bernardino

Severe bedsores require immediate medical attention. Many people who sustain stage 4 bedsore injuries are victims of nursing home neglect and may even require surgery in order to recover from the serious wound. When patients do survive stage 4 bedsores as a result of quick medical attention, the wounds can still take months or even years to heal, according to WebMD.

Contact a San Bernardino Stage 4 Bedsore Attorney as Soon as Possible

If you have an elderly loved one at a San Bernardino nursing home or other facility who developed a serious bedsore as a result of improper care, it is time to speak with a San Bernardino bedsore attorney about filing a claim for financial compensation. We know how serious these cases can be, and we want to ensure that you and your loved one are able to hold the facility accountable for the harm it has caused and to obtain compensation to pay for medical care. Contact the Southern California Nursing Home Law Group today for more information about filing a bedsore lawsuit in San Bernardino.

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